Why Tincture

Why Tincture

TINCTURE creates all natural cleaning products for the demands of the modern 21st century home. TINCTURE combines active botanical ingredients and essential oils with scientific Silver Technology to create sophisticated formulations that deliver maximum cleaning results and protect from bacteria and viruses.

TINCTURE is a British product formulated and manufactured in Norfolk to a high standard of excellence. TINCTURE only uses sustainable ingredients of a high quality that are carefully selected to produce efficiency in cleaning and to promote wellbeing in your home. Inspiration is drawn from monastic knowledge of active botanical ingredients and cleaning rituals from all over the world. Taking a holistic approach to cleaning, we introduce the concept of “home cleaning meets wellbeing” by incorporating active botanical oils with healing properties to promote wellbeing and liveliness using the minimum required for maximum results.

The Making of Tincture

The Making of Tincture

Traditionally tincture recipes are concentrated essences of botanical active materials. Tincture actions are usually quicker and more efficient than other recipes. All TINCTURE materials used have been carefully sourced to ensure they are: all natural • biodegradable and environmentally friendly • sustainable • of a high grade and quality • cruelty free

TINCTURE cleaning products have been developed over several years in collaboration with a team of experienced chemists and laboratories in the UK, to carefully balance and perfect the formulations to contain only the absolute essential, yet still delivering exceptional results.

The natural ingredients used in TINCTURE’S formulations include herbs and plants renowned for their antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, detoxifications and soothing properties. These not only help create non-aggressive cleaners but also promote and enhance wellbeing.

Antimicrobial Silver Technology is incorporated into the formulations, as well as in the bottle material to ensure packaging stays bacteria free at all times.

All aspects of TINCTURE, from the iconic product design to packaging and manufacturing have been conceived in London and made in Suffolk. Every product is assembled in Norfolk and hand finished with care.

Why Tincture

Our Story

Sisters Angelika and Anastasia searched everywhere for high-performance, non-toxic cleaning and lifestyle products that were not only safe to use around their children and pets in their homes but moreover, healthy and didn’t exacerbate many common conditions such as eczema or asthma.

After international careers in business and the fragrance industry, Angelika and Anastasia settled down in London with their families and now have six children between them.

“We wanted to create a superior all-natural cleaning product range that would not compromise on the health and wellbeing of the user or the environment. TINCTURE enhances the experience of household cleaning, creating a cleansing journey akin to a therapeutic spa experience as well as looking subtle and stylish in any home.” – Angelika Davenport

“As our environments are becoming ever more polluted by chemicals, artificial scents and toxic ingredients, TINCTURE returns us to an age when natural plants were used for their protective and medicinal properties for cleansing, an era where knowledge of the scientific properties of botanical plants were garnered over time and used with wisdom. The most exciting thing about TINCTURE is discovering how antibacterial, antiseptic and detoxification ingredients already exist in nature.” – Anastasia Brozler

Research and Testing

Research and Testing

TINCTURE products are research driven and strive for excellence. Each ingredient’s characteristic and property has been researched to ensure it is of benefit to the performance of the product. Fragrance does not enhance the performance of a product, so none has been added. The smell of TINCTURE products derives purely from the inclusion of active botanicals that have been included for their antimicrobial properties.

Each product has been benchmarked against market leaders to ensure every product performs as well, if not better than family favourites. TINCTURE has worked with a world leading laboratory to assess all formulations as well as testing their effectiveness.

All products in the TINCTURE range have been independently tested by real people in real home environments. The products have been tested for effectiveness, performance and over-all effect on mood and wellbeing.

“It’s like washing up in a spa!”- Iona Washing Up TINCTURE

“My favourite out of the whole range, works beautifully on all surfaces and smells divine” – All Purpose TINCTURE.