Why Tincture


At TINCTURE we are passionate about creating natural, healthy cleaning and lifestyle products which are pure and safe for you, your family and our planet. We believe environmental health starts in the home!

Our commitment is to develop the most natural products possible without the use of harmful side products and chemicals. Your health, wellbeing and the health of our planet is our main concern when developing (and improving) our products.

We believe our products are the only products on the market that use antimicrobial silver to ensure the formulations (and bottle) remain bacteria free. Real natural and essential oils are included for their active properties to enhance the product performance as well as our wellbeing in our homes.

TINCTURE is proud to be a British product and brand, formulated, developed and manufactured in Norfolk.

The Founders

Sisters Angelika and Anastasia searched everywhere for high-performance, non-toxic cleaning and lifestyle products that were not only safe but healthy to use around their children and pets and didn’t exacerbate many common conditions such as eczema or asthma.

After international careers in business and the fragrance industry, Angelika and Anastasia settled down in London with their families and now have six children between them.

“We wanted to create a superior all-natural cleaning product range that would not compromise on the health and wellbeing of the user or the environment. TINCTURE enhances the experience of household cleaning, creating a cleansing journey akin to a therapeutic spa experience as well as looking subtle and stylish in any home.” – Angelika Davenport

“As our environments are becoming ever more polluted by chemicals, artificial scents and toxic ingredients, TINCTURE returns us to an age when natural plants were used for their protective and medicinal properties for cleansing, an era where knowledge of the scientific properties of botanical plants were garnered over time and used with wisdom. The most exciting thing about TINCTURE is discovering how antibacterial, antiseptic and detoxification ingredients already exist in nature.” – Anastasia Brozler

Research and Testing


Our primary focus is to make products that are totally natural and thus do not harm our health, the health of our families or the planet. Recent studies highlight the impact general cleaning products have on our lung health and air quality.

Research from the UK and US Environmental Protection agency's show the air in our homes, schools and work places is on average 3-5 times more polluted than directly outside. This is due to the use of a concoction of toxic chemical based products including, cleaning products, air freshners, candles and cosmetic/personal care products.

Research published in the Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine conducted a 20 year study, following more than 6,000 people to find out how lung and airway function is affected by cleaning at home and work. Their study found that lung function dramatically declined in women working as cleaners or regularly using cleaning products at home; the effect on lung function was equivalent to smoking 20 cigarettes a day.

A further 30 year study published in 2017 (Harvard University with French National Institue of Health - INSERM) found using bleach based products and other household disinfectants once a week increased the risk of fatal chronic pulmonary respiratory disease (COPD) by nearly a third. Proffessor Toby Maher (British Lung Foundation) commented “These results further emphasise the potential negative effect of breathing chemical agents has on lung health.”
COPD is common, preventable respiratory disease; however the world health organisation reports that equates to 6% of all deaths globally. They predict that it will be the third leading cause of death by 2030.

TINCTURE's Anatomy

We cherish our heritage and traditions. All our formulations are inspired by ancient monastic wisdom of active botanical ingredients and their properties. Our base formulation has been directly given to us by the monks from Bachkovo Monastery in Bulgaria and based on the healing qualities of chamomile and millefolium (yarrow). We have combined this recipe with pure essential oils and antimicrobial silver – the result, the products truly work.

At TINCTURE we have eight core values. The Greek philosopher Pythagoras, believed the “eightness” of the octagon was the Embracer of Harmonies and linked it to safety, steadfastness and everything that was balanced in the Universe.
- Transparency:
All ingredients are disclosed through the product pages and our ingredients section of the website.
- Natural ingredients:
A lot of time has gone into finding ingredients that come from pure, natural sources. We believe nature offers everything we need.
- Safety:
Your health and that of your families and our planet is of the utmost importance to us, we therefore ensure no ingredients that could damage your health are used in our products. All are products are toxin free and none of our surfactants are derived from the petrochemical industry. All our products are independently tested. 
- Heritage:
TINCTURE believes in the preservation of knowledge and draws upon the ancient knowledge of active botanical ingredients and uses them in the formulations to enhance product performance as well as our wellbeing, taking a holistic approach to cleaning. 
- Intelligence:
Knowledge and eduction is key to ensuring the safety of the products and formulations.
- Environment:
We are passionate about ensuring our planet is protected and preserved. We take every step to make the whole productuion from sourcing to delivering is as environmentally friendly as possible. Our bottle is made in the UK to the highest standard, is fully recyclable and made with antimicrobial silver which allows for the multi-use of the bottle - see our new refillable options.
- Quality:
We are proud to be a British brand and take care in ensuring all our ingredients and components are of the highest quality.
- Effective:
The products have been bench marked against the top performing household cleaning products in terms of efficiency - we have then taken out all the nasties but maintained the same level of performace in terms of removing grease, dirt and keeping surfaces bacteria free through the use of antimicrobial silver.