All Natural Ingredients

TINCTURE creates all natural cleaning products for the demands of the modern 21st century home. TINCTURE combines active botanical ingredients and essential oils with scientific Silver Technology to create sophisticated formulations that deliver maximum cleaning results and protect from bacteria and viruses.

The surfactants used are derived from coconut, soya and olive. TINCTURE’s oil blends consist of 100% natural oils included for the performance enhancing properties as well as for their positive impact on our wellbeing and home environment.

Inspiration is drawn from monastic knowledge of active botanical ingredients and cleaning rituals from all over the world. Taking a holistic approach to cleaning, we introduce the concept of “home cleaning meets wellbeing” by incorporating active botanical oils with healing properties to promote wellbeing and liveliness using the minimum required for maximum results.

Plastic Free Campaign

Join TINCTURE and ClientEarth together with Marina Fogle and Amber Nuttall to help raise awareness of plastic pollution by hosting a plastic free brunch, lunch, tea, picnic or dinner party.

Send your menu, recipes, stories, tips and photos to: for you to:
- Receive your TINCTURE gift set which incudes our new re-fillable glass bottles.
- Your chance to win a plastic free dinner party cooked for you and friends by one of London's top celebrity chefs.
- Your chance to meet the inspirational founder of ClientEarth, James Thornton who will be happy to host your dinner party and talk about any environmental issue close to your heart.

If everyone makes one small change, that is one big difference!

Estimates suggest than 10million tons ends up in the ocean each year.

Half of the plastic ever made was produced in the past 15 years. 

A trillion plastic bags are used worldwide every year, with the average "working life" of just 15 minutes.

It has been estimated that plastic lasts from between 450 years to forever? 

Projections suggest that the ocean will contain more plastics than fish (by weight) by 2050 according to The New Plastics Economy.

Already in some parts of the sea, there's reportedly six times more plastic in the water than plankton according to leading marine journals.

Ecological Packaging and Formulations

TINCTURE is passionate about your health and wellbeing as well as the health of our planet. Care has gone in to all aspects of the product from the formulations to the packaging.

Packaging: The bottle has been carefully designed to include antimicrobial silver to ensure the packaging is left bacteria free at all times. The bottle is also fully recyclable and we will be introducing a recycling scheme for the caps and closures soon. The TINCTURE shipping bags are made from paper and are 100% recylable. the bubblewrap used to protect the products is biodegradeable.

Formulations: All raw materials are sourced from sustainable, natural, plant based sources that will not harm our health or our water systems. All products are cruelty free and suitable for vegans (excpet the Furniture TINCTURE which contains beeswax).

Made in the UK

TINCTURE is proud to be a British brand and support UK manufacturers and businesses. The formualtions are developed and manufactured in Norfolk. The components are sourced from Wales to Suffolk and every product is hand finished here in the UK.

TINCTURE cleaning products have been developed over several years in collaboration with a team of experienced chemists and laboratories in the UK, to carefully balance and perfect the formulations to contain only the absolute essential, yet still delivering exceptional resultsEach product has been benchmarked against market leaders to ensure every product performs as well, if not better than family favourites. TINCTURE has worked with a world leading laboratory to assess all formulations as well as testing their effectiveness.

“It’s like washing up in a spa!”- Iona Washing Up TINCTURE

“My favourite out of the whole range, works beautifully on all surfaces and smells divine” – All Purpose TINCTURE.